10 Wall Panelling Ideas to Inspire your Home

Looking for small wins and ways to renovate your home without large amounts of work? Adding wall panelling to your home is a great option and a popular one as well, trending in 2022 and here to stay! Not only can it add to the overall design of your home, but it's also incredibly practical. It provides an extra layer of insulation to keep you that little bit warmer in winter and helps to protect your walls from general wear and tear. All of this can be achieved with little disruption! Its very much affordable, aesthetically pleasing and extremely versatile with different styles to choose and create. From traditional charm to contemporary cladding, theres so many different designs to take inspiration from and so we wanted to provide you with 10 great designs and styles to help fuel your creativity.

Rustic Beach Boards

White themed living space with seaside objects and ornaments

Everyone loves to be by the beachside don't they? Well mimic the seaside feel through your wall panel design using slightly weathered timber boards that replicate those sought after beach huts and boats. Often, the more weathered and rustic the boards, the more character and texture it provides. Then, give those boards a lick of white paint for a whitewashed effect. Or, if you don't fancy panelling a whole room, why not create a feature wall to attract peoples attention, and incorporate small seaside objects and ornaments for a complete design.

Go Sleek and Modern with Slatted Paneling

Modern slatted wall panels within a contemporary living space

Perhaps you're looking to make a contemporary living space update. Whether its to style a living room, a bathroom or lounge area, a fantastic option is to install slatted panelling to your spaces which instantly provide a modern focal point to your rooms. In fact, it's one of the biggest trends currently and you can see why. The contrast between the harsh backdrop and the warmth of the wood provides great texture and detailing for a room. The great thing is that adding slatted wall panelling is not a difficult task, due to the addition of slatted wall panels which make it a more simple task; rather than having to cut each strip and fix it onto the wall.

Switch Bathroom Tiles for Timeless Panelling

Half panelled traditional bathroom

Tiles in the bathroom are very much the norm. But why not break away with the addition of wall panelling? In fact, tiles throughout a bathroom can sometimes create a cold and bleak feel and so incorporating warmth through wooden panelling is a great option and can help to break up the monotone design of tiles by adding contrast and variation. Panelling can also be really convenient and practical by providing small shelving space for toiletries, air fresheners, and candles for example, which can often be undervalued. One thing to make sure is that the material you are using is moisture resistant to stop the wood warping or twisting.

Go Straightforward with Shaker Style

Shaker style white wall panelling installed in living room

A simple, smart, and classic design that will be sure to add architectural detail to your rooms. Shaker style panelling is perfect for refurbishing your bland and featureless rooms, and you don't have to be a DIY expert to install this design - just competent! Without stealing all the attention, shaker style will provide subtle character, and whilst probably best suited to period properties, has become a feature of modern homes, adding dimension and character. In fact, because they are so popular, shaker style panelling can be bought in kits with all the timber pre-cut for you. Also, don't be afraid to take the panelling all the way up to the ceiling for a colossal feature wall and explore different shaker designs that best fit the feel of your home.

Opt for Traditional Tongue and Groove 

Dark grey vertical tongue and groove board wall

Whilst tongue and groove panelling is often used for exterior purposes such as sheds and summerhouses, why not install it within your homes for a relaxed and comfortable vibe. The boards fit together through an interlocking system, leaving small shadow lines in between each board and once painted (commonly white or grey), the feel is very much a New England style or a coastal ambience. The cladding can be fitted both horizontally or vertically depending on the feel your looking for. With vertical boards, it creates an illusion of higher ceilings whereas with horizontal boards, the room can often feel a lot wider or longer which is perfect for those smaller sized rooms. Pair with wooden floors and bright decor for a cohesive finish. 

Half Wall Panelling for Modern Heritage 

Modern living space with warm lighting and half panelled wall

Often, going with the original style of the house when adding decor is the way forward and half wall panelling will help to marry the old with new. This classic and Edwardian design can be given a contemporary twist as seen above with a sleek minimalistic square design and modern objects dotted around. Give your room some contrast and a two-tone scheme with slightly different shades between your half panelling and wall for a smart and crisp finish.

Half Wall Panelling in your Hallway

Marbled floor hallway with half panelled wall

High traffic areas like your hallways can benefit hugely from half wall panelling. Of course, it serves great architectural and decorative purposes, but panelling hallways is very much a practical addition, protecting the lower areas of your walls plasterwork from bumps and knocks which is where the majority of defects occur. Even better, using paint to decorate that is a wipe-clean finish will mean marks and fingerprints for example, can be easily removed. Or alternatively, hardier finishes such as satin will fare better and last longer before further maintenance.

Frame your Artwork 

Artwork hung in dining room framed with wall panelling

If you need a prime place to hang your artwork, use wall panelling to frame it. Nowadays, many are looking for a slightly different approach to the traditional wallpaper and painted walls behind artwork to ensure it stands out. But using wall panelling can provide a fantastic feature wall to frame your artwork in. It's very much a bespoke idea but makes it all the more unique and personal to you. The shape and size of your artwork will influence the shape of panelling you will require. Commonly, rectangular framed panelling is the best option, allowing you to hang the piece of art in the centre of the rectangle to create a frame to sit in. 

Mix and Match your Colours

Light grey and dark grey two-toned coloured panel wall

The vast amount of paint colours available simply means that your wall panelling designs are endless. Whilst it's a great idea to block a wall or room out with an entire colour for an immersive feel, this approach can often feel quite daunting and a bold choice that some would be unsure about. Therefore, going with a two-tone colour design is a great option, helping to give your rooms a crisp and sharp appearance. Cutting through your panelling with a crisp line is such an interesting and contemporary take on a traditional and classic look. Another great option is to paint the battens a different colour to the inside of the panels for a unique, and fascinating appeal.

Create Shelving with your Panelling

Dark grey panelled wall shelf with plants and ornaments on top

Now, at this point in the blog, you'll know that wall panelling can be used to create many different designs, feels and appeals in your homes, regardless of the type of property you have. Now the last idea is to create functional and practical shelving space where artwork, candles, plants and flowers for example, can be placed to save space elsewhere and provide those finishing touches to your panelling design. By building out slightly from your wall when installing your panelling, you can create small ledges and shelving space as seen above, producing a fruitful spot to display plants and small clocks.

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