How to Clean Wooden Furniture

This is a short guide on how to clean wooden furniture effectively. This guide will bring your furniture back to life, without causing any damage such as discolouration. 

What you will need:

  • Clean Microfibre Cloth x 2 
  • Washing up Soap 

Step 1 - Dusting your furniture in preparation

Lightly go over the surface of the wooden furniture with a damp microfiber cloth. This is a much more effective way to dust rather than a feather duster, a feather duster pushes the dust in the air whereas a damp microfibre will hold the dust. 

Step 2 - Wiping down your wooden furniture 

Again with a damp microfiber cloth wipe down the furniture to remove any light grime, adding slightly more pressure to the surface compared to dusting. It’s important not to allow water to sit on the surface so ensure to wipe this down carefully with another dry microfiber cloth, making sure no liquid is left on the surface.  

Step 3 - Coming across sticky residue

When tackling sticky spots on wooden furniture add a small amount of soap or your chosen cleaner that is not full of harsh chemicals to your microfibre cloth. It is best to test your chosen cleaning solution on an unseen area before applying more, this will help prevent damaging your furniture on a large scale. Again please remember to not cover the furniture in water and solution, keep the furniture as dry as possible. 

Step 4 - Polish & Buff

It’s advisable to apply some wax polish following the grain of the solid wooden furniture. This will help add more protection for your furniture. 

If this guide hasn't managed to bring your furniture back to life or not manage to get rid of that one deep stain, please follow our guide on deep cleaning wooden furniture here.  

Top Tips

  • Never use hard abrasive clothes 
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaner
  • Avoid baby wipes
  • Regularly maintain your wooden furniture we have a guide here. 

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