Wooden shelving tips

Shelve styling is a method for making your homes more personal and stylish. Living in a small area offers many storage challenges; you must be creative and find ways to organise your belongings. Adding shelving to your home can be an excellent way to increase storage space.

Regarding shelf décor, there is no hard and fast rule. The honest answer is to play around with the shelves and the decor until you're happy with it. You don't have to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff. You don't even have to be an expert interior designer.

There are specific tips to help you get the maximum out of your shelves in an elegant way.

Organise Large Items First:

When you start styling your shelf with tiny decor, it's relatively simple to come undone. Start filling your shelf with more oversized items first, like knitted baskets or paintings; this will assist you in determining the size and balance and provide you with a basic layout.

Start From The Top Shelf:

Always begin at the high rack and descend from there. Starting with the top shelf can help you arrange decor from one end to the other, concealing most of the stand. You can achieve the best look by leaving some room empty on either end of the shelf. After you've styled the top shelf, you can proceed to the rack below it.

Décor With Artworks And Plants:

Adding décor can enhance your shelf. With bare-tone shelves in fashion, you can always go for greenery and artwork to décor your shelf no matter what kind of shelf it is. The greenery looks good with books, kitchens, decorations, or storage racks.

Consider putting art at the back of the shelves and layering smaller decor items in front. Using the depth of the shelf will add more elegance to it.


Use Odd Numbers To Decorate:

Although it may appear strange, arranging items in odd numbers generates a more stable appearance. It implies making arrangements for one, three, five, or even seven things. If a setup isn't working for you, try adjusting the height or size of some of the pieces. Is everything too similar, or are the items too big or small? Experimenting can give you desired result.

Get Hands On A Basic Wall Shelf For More Storage:

A storage tip is to include only your essential all-purpose shelf in your home. These assist you in coming up with new ways to stay organise. A large, basic wall shelf can hold memorabilia, smaller items, and even low-cost cube bins that are both usable and aesthetically striking.

A large wall rack can be positioned anywhere in the house to add dimension to the wall and make the room appear larger.


Small items like candle holders, candles, or miniatures can add value to your overall interior. These tips help create more space as well as add value to the interior of your home.

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