How to measure up for Interior Furniture

How to measure if furniture will fit

Wooden Sidetable

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing furniture for your house is determining the right size for them. It is therefore important to know how to measure before visiting a store or a manufacturer so as to give them the right information so that they in turn will be able to show you the options that best suit you.

How to measure your coffee table:

Wooden Coffee Table

Provided that you already have a sofa – as choosing a coffee table beforehand can be a challenge –

You should start off by measuring the available area in front of it. Whether your sofa is a corner one, or a three- and two-seater or even a sofa and armchair, the first step is to determine the area you are working with. Once you do that, you will subtract 40 cm from each side where there are seats. This will be your corridor, to move around easily. You can also subtract the width of the sofa’s arms. What you
are left with, is the maximum space for the coffee table you can have. Keep in mind that you do not need to cover the entire area, but try to stay within it, so that your coffee table does not exceed it.

How to measure for a tv stand:

Wooden TV Stand

There are a few things to keep in mind, when measuring for a tv stand. Start by measuring the wall you want to place it in. The most important thing to remember is to leave enough space between the tv stand and your sofa. If for example there is a pathway in between them, make sure that you have at least 90 cm of clear space. A tv stand’s depth is usually at 45 cm, so from the wall towards the sofa you should have at least 135 cm. In case that it is not a passage, then around 105 cm distance from the wall is sufficient, more if you want to leave space for a Christmas tree (just add its circumference to the 45cm). Lengthwise, your tv stand can cover either the entire wall, or 1 meter less, starting from the corner of the wall. The latter is a better choice when it comes to smaller spaces as it doesn’t overcrowd the area visually. Finally, make sure that your tv fits the stand!

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