Money Saving Tips for Styling your Living Room

Save your Money whilst Restyling your Living Room 

A living room is commonly used as a centrepiece for any home; a place for relaxation and tv viewing or perhaps for hosting friends and guests. A space that is open for many possibilities as long as it remains functional, practical, and aesthetic.

Due to the amount of time spent in your living room, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s decorated to your taste. On that note, perhaps you might be thinking about a living room makeover and freshening up your décor. This doesn’t mean you need to spend great amounts with expensive additions or decorations, but rather use your imagination as there are plenty of things that can be done to create a living room that appeals to you and your family. This blog will share 5 easy tips for creating a living room makeover on a budget.

  1. Repurpose furniture

Living room furniture can be expensive but the process of upcycling furniture can give your living room a new lease of life! Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of paint to update an old piece of furniture old to new! Perhaps you can create a different finish by sanding back the paint and varnish the wood to add a natural element to your living room. If your skilled, reupholstering your furniture could be particularly fruitful and ensure an original and innovative design. If you don’t have any furniture to repurpose, pop into a local charity shop or scroll through a second-hand furniture page on Facebook.

  1. Feature walls

A feature wall is a perfect budget alternative to elevate your living room. They're a fantastic way of adding a strong focal point to your room that doesn't particularly require large amounts of money.

- Painted feature walls are an offbeat choice, and a good starting point to anyone new to DIY projects. Consider the dimensions of your room and where your feature wall will have the biggest impact to the room. An alcove or fireplace wall are good options. You might decide to use a block colour technique, a two-tone wall or perhaps an industrial wall where it is stripped back for textural purposes. All these options will provide an eye-catching contrast compared to the rest of your room.

- Wooden Slatted walls are another option if wanting to introduce a feature wall to your living room. Our range of ready-made acoustic wood panelling offers the perfect solution and adds a completely different but natural element to your homes. Or get creative and make your own by searching for wooden strips for a complete budget saving tip.

  1. Soft furnishing

The next tip is soft furnishings. These are a great addition when wanting to add different textures to your function room. They help to create a cosy, warm feeling that can really make a house feel more like a home.

- Rugs in a living room can be used to add depth and richness to a room, particularly when combined with open plan flooring. Rugs will fill those empty flooring spaces that can often make a room look cold and barren. 

-  Cushions can add texture and colour to a room, creating a cosy environment. They are also useful for changing the style and feel of your room throughout different seasons by swapping them out for different colours. 

  1. Bold features 

The cost for a modern living room can be high, but with a few bold features, you can totally transform your space. Mirrors and living room lighting can be inexpensive, easy to install, and have a big impact on the appearance of your living space, creating a cosy ambiance and making your space more inviting.

  1. Attractive storage – shelves – mantel beams

- Why not bring your DIY skills out and install attractive shelving that provide the perfect solution for storage by taking advantage of all the available space. If you're wondering how you might exactly do this, take a look at our How To blog on the installation of shelves to help you achieve this.

- Beautify your living room and add a wonderful rustic feel to your home. This solid wooden mantelpiece has been crafted from high quality timber, making it perfect for those cold evenings with a warming log burner or a warm fire.

-  Bookcases are a great way to add storage space without spending a fortune. Plus, they offer the opportunity to display your favourite books, photos, and trinkets.

These helpful little tips will save you money whilst also restyling/styling your living room spaces to ensure they are to your taste. Please make sure to took a look at all our other blogs that interest you, ranging from shelving arrangement ideas to sizing up your new living room furniture.

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