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Ruby Furniture strives to achieve an outstanding finish on all our handmade furniture. This includes rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, from handpicking the timber, to hand machining and hand assembling. Each stage is signed off by our head of manufacturing. The processes we have put in place can ensure you that we will only deliver the highest quality finished product to your doorstep.  

Smooth Planed Finished 

All timber used within our handmade furniture, mantels, shelves and slatted wall panels is smooth planed all round. Also an extra touch of hand sanding to ensure a premium smooth finish.

Rounded Edges 

All edges on show will be rounded to add an extra touch of luxury also helping prevent any sharp corners. 

Solid Joinery Grade Pine  

We use only the finest of quality material on the market, creating a heavy duty long lasting piece of handmade furniture, shelving or paneling. 

Step 1 - Timber Selection Process

For all of our handmade furniture, shelves, mantels and wall panels the timber is handpicked by our team of highly skilled carpenters. They only selected the highest quality solid wood that will create the perfect finished product including no imperfections. 

Step 2 - Machining Process

All our product range is machined in our workshop in the heart of Devon. Using the highest quality machinery and skilled craftsmen our machining process is assured to always produce extreme precision and quality. 

Step 3 - Assembly 

Again carried out in our working in Devon, our team of experienced carpenters and joiners assemble all our products by hand. 

Step 4 - Sign Off  Process

Each product manufacturer in our workshops go through quality checks to ensure the quality of the overall product meets Ruby Furniture's high standards. 

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