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Top 10 Interior Furniture Bloggers

Since lockdown, many of us have been inspired to transform our spaces and furniture.Through that, there has been a revival in DIY projects, thrifting and being creative with one’s own home design. Many of us turn to interior bloggers to gain inspiration, tips and to enjoy aesthetic content. Here’s our top 10 interior bloggers you should know!

Lone Fox

A Youtube channel which has sky-rocketed in popularity, created by Drew, the channel features apartment tours, DIY transformations and tips on how to design spaces.

MaCenna Lee – IG xomacenna

Owners of a successful Youtube channel and Instagram page, follow MaCenna Lee as she renovates a 110-year-old cottage. Sharing every step of the journey with her fans, gain insight into her design process.


The Sorry Girls

Taking DIY interior to the next level, The Sorry Girls are made up of friends Kelsey, Becky and Rachael. They all add their own projects to the Youtube channel, from upholstery, Ikea furniture hacks as well as home tours.


An Instagram profile created by Elena; she shares her love for interior design through magazine worthy images of her home as well as sharing her latest finds and DIY’s.

Jungalow – IG thejungalow

Colour and prints galore with this blogger as Justina Blakeney shares how to mix and match colours and prints all around our homes. Whether it’s through wallpapers, colourful furniture or ornaments, enjoy her eclectic and bold style.

Taybeepboop – IG Handle

Another colourful designer and creative DIY-er, Tay shares her fun projects with her followers on Instagram. From room makeovers, fun décor projects and even the process of her very own store design.



Personally, one of my favourite Instagram profiles, Habiib is a company which sells midcentury furniture. Sharing their amazing finds on Instagram, you can enjoy an aesthetic photo of quirky furniture or even grab your hands on the item itself.

Vintage Furniture

Sophie Paterson -

Sophie Paterson shares her knowledge of interior design through her Youtube channel and website. Specialising in luxury interiors, Sophie shares her new projects, tips and tours with her fans.

EyeSwoon -

Going back to traditional blogging, EyeSwoon, created by Athena Calderone has been featured in Vogue, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and more! Featuring a vast range of content from the best kitchen appliances to creating grand décor moments, EyeSwoon shows you how to bring the classic style into your home.

Modern Kitchen

Hunted Interior -

Created by Kristin Jackson, Hunted Interior is an online blog where she shares beautiful content of her house and furnishings. Her blog features in-depth articles about her process when designing her spaces whilst her Instagram features a plethora of aesthetic photos.


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