Ways to Update an Old Fireplace

Any stunning fireplace can add up to the aesthetics of your home. There are specific ways to upgrade your fireplace and make it look brand new before the chill of winter sets in. Whether you're remodelling or simply looking to freshen up your room, a fireplace renovation can be a good choice. A few fireplace makeover ideas can turn a drab hearth into the focal point of a room if your fireplace needs a facelift.

Is your fireplace boring and out of date?

Have you wanted to remodel but couldn't finance a complete makeover?

If so, here are some ideas for modernising your fireplace.

Clean Your Fireplace:

You'd be astonished at the impact a quick scrub and shine can have on a hearth. Rub a paste made from a half-lemon and table salt onto any corrupted brass details.

After removing the initial layer of grime, clean the area with a damp cloth and buff it till it shines. If your cast iron surround has corrosion or marks, you could try removing them with some metal polish and fine wire wool.

Paint Your Fireplace:

An outdated brass surround is the worst killer of a stunning brick or stone fireplace. Fortunately, most fireplaces with brass frames have removable parts, which makes painting them much simpler. However, some surroundings incorporate particular elements into the frame, making them a little more difficult to paint but still manageable.

It only requires a fresh coat of paint to give the timeless components you love a new lease on life. It's probably the simplest technique to revitalise the space and allows you a chance to exercise some creativity.

Add a Wooden Mantel / Wooden Beam 

The fireplace is the centrepiece of any home. It's the gathering place for family and friends, a place to warm up on a cold night, and a focal point that can lend an elegant touch to your living room or dining area.

One essential element to a good-looking fireplace is the mantel. Mantels and cabinetry add a style element to the fireplace that is also functional. Partnered with a stone surround, such as marble or slate, the mantel will make the fireplace one of the most beautiful parts of your home.

Mantels are available in different wood types, including oak and pine. They can also be painted with different finishes like satin or glossy white paint or stained darker colours such as espresso or walnut to match your decorating scheme.

You Can Try Whitewash Or Tiles:

Have a brick fireplace? To add a little extra brightness, consider whitewashing it. Painting plain bricks with bright colours can come off as reckless and is not the easiest thing to do. Bricks can be given a new lease on life by a simple whitewash, which looks incredibly rustic. Additionally, it is affordable to do. Other than that, you can also try tiles.

We adore the appearance of a tiled fireplace, and there are numerous ways to customise one to your preferences. Go wild with vibrant colours if you adore them! You'll love perusing the stylish selections offered if you love cool prints.

Or, if you want a clean, sophisticated style, why not continue with a monochromatic colour scheme and add a fun pattern?

The Bottom Line:

You can do these steps to enhance your old fireplace look instantly. The most important thing here is staying under budget. The renovation that costs almost like a new one is not worth it. There is one surefire way to increase the impact of your fireplace, and that is to decorate it! This is the option for you if DIY isn't your thing.

Find a large mirror atop the mantle, or hang artwork to draw the eye upward. Whatever suits your space, you may attempt a gallery wall with mismatched frames or a few large pieces. Adding frames and vases and decorating them a little can also help increase the area's aesthetics.  

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