Large wall in dining room decorated with 3 abstract mirrors

A dull wall can really bring down your interior design, but luckily there’s no need to make do with a plain canvas. Whether you want to fill it with colour or incorporate something a little more unique, we have you covered! 

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are an elegant yet practical solution to create the illusion of a larger space whilst adding depth and making every room feel more luxurious. Plus, being easily installed and affordable!

Large wall in dining room decorated with 3 abstract mirrors

2. Photo Wall 

Showcase your favourite memories with the addition of family portraits or scenic pictures to your walls. Add photos to create a personalised accent wall that’s always with you.

Hallway wall full with 12 scenic pictures

3. Slatted Panel Wall 

Slatted panelling is perfect for elevating any space in the home, adding texture, warmth and character, helping the room to feel cosier. With a choice of horizontal and vertical and various different colours, sure complement any decor.

Modern living room decorated with walnut slatted panels

4. Floating Shelves 

A perfect statement to any room, floating shelves offer an easy and affordable solution to creating a stunning feature on blank wall while offering both practical and aesthetically pleasing storage space. Add some personality to your space with our statement pieces here that allow a customisable, unique look according to your individual taste.

Kitchen floating shelves full with white blows, plates and mugsLarge floating shelve in hall way decorated with vase and flowers

5. Book Shelves

Book shelves are a great place to display all of your most treasured belongings, and also one of the most impactful storage solutions, this way you can create a statement and stay organised at the same time. 

Book shelve in dining room with vases, books and plants

6. Clock 

A timeless feature to any wall! Clocks are an inexpensive way to enhance a dull wall, wether you looking to keep an eager eye on the time or just looking for a way to spruce up your interiors. 

large contemporary clock hanging on a wall above a sofa

7. Wall paper

Stand out from the crowd with a feature wall that makes an impact. Whatever your interior style, there’s a wallpaper to suit.
mountain wallpaper decorating a children's bedroom

8. Panelling 

Add dimension to your home with panelling, easy to install and low cost product will allow you to incorporate a traditional, and yet very contemporary look into your space.

White pannelling above a sofa

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