Cleaning and Maintaining your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Its time to scrub down your Outdoor Wooden Furniture we think!

Keeping your wooden outdoor furniture in tip top shape is always a good idea. You need to ensure it lasts as long as possible and also provides your garden with a clean and tidy outdoor alfresco dining experience when the weather allows. Or perhaps you might want to brave the winter months and get your friends round for some outdoor drinks. Either way, you'll need to ensure your outdoor furniture is also ready to take on the weather.

If you've invested in outdoor wooden furniture, then don't throw your money down the drain by not maintaining it and cleaning when needed. Whatever the month you're in whilst reading this, care and attention is important and neglecting it through the winter especially could result in your wooden furniture having a quick life span. 

Removing the moss and mould from wooden garden furniture 

To begin the cleaning process, you need to remove the moss and mould that may have accumulated on the surface. Therefore to do this, grab yourself a hard bristled brush and sweep away! If the wood has not been attended to for a while, you may wish to sand down the surface to make it smooth and ensure that the mould has been completely removed. It's then a good idea to wash away the dust and dirt with a hose pipe. We are putting in bold not to use a pressure washer when washing away the dirt and dust because of the damage it could do to the surface of the wooden furniture and might remove any timber treatment thats protecting the wood. To stop moss and mould growing, when you are not using your furniture, it might be useful to cover it but ensuring that it is completely dry before doing so. This will ensure that no moisture is trapped. 

Moss Wooden Bench sat on Bamboo Decking

What to use to clean your outdoor wooden furniture

The simplest and most efficient way to clean your outdoor furniture is by using a mild washing detergent such as washing up liquid and a dampened cloth to lightly scrub the surface of the furniture. Make sure you are scrubbing in the same direction as the wood grain and not soaking the wood. If, once you have let it dry and further cleaning is required, using a soft scrubbing brush may prove superior with a little more pressure applied. If any challenging stains remain, a light sanding will help to remove these. Alternatively, exterior wood cleaning solutions are available to purchase which will assist in removing the tough stains. These solutions are specifically designed to open up pores of the wood and to help the wood accept stains better.

How to protect your outdoor wooden furniture

To help protect your outdoor wooden furniture, oil based solutions are the prudent choice and prevent further exposure to dirt, water and UV rays. Not only that but the oil will penetrate through the wood surface and to ensure that the complete furniture is shielded. When deciding which exterior wooden oil preservative to go for, you may want to consider whats important to you. If you're mainly concerned with reinstalling the woods natural colours or wanting a slightly different colour, its best to use a colour tint oil. Alternatively, an oil based wood spray or teak oil is ideally used for preserving the woods natural characteristics and ensuring that the surface of the wood is better protected against the elements.

At Ruby, we would strongly suggest protecting your outdoor wooden furniture using Osmo Protective Oils. Available in several different tints, these protective oils will regulate moisture levels within the wood whilst giving it a really eye catching appearance.

Taken from Osmo website:

"Unlike others, Osmo has used four decades of experience to harness the protective powers of natural oils, before bringing them to market. By utilising sunflower, soya, and thistle oils (to name a few), Osmo products provide long-lasting protection for exterior wooden products, such as garden furniture".

"While different in nature (as described above), all products are water and dirt resistant, leaving a finish that will not peel, crack or flake".

"Osmo Country Colour covers up the natural grain of the wood with rich and vibrant colours that provide enhanced UV protection".

"Lastly, the Osmo Natural Wood Stain allows homeowners to apply a base and top coat in one finish. This product also has properties that bestow exterior wood with resistance against algae, mould, mildew and fungal attacks".

Slatted Wooden Table being stained with a paint brush
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