10 Perfect Pergola Ideas to get ready for Spring

Are you lucky enough to have an outdoor garden space? If so, i'm sure that you enjoy it most during the months of Spring and Summer, giving you the chance to soak up the sun and warmer temperatures. And so in the lead up to these months, it's important to prepare and design your garden the way you truly want it. If you're looking for a focal point, we would highly recommend installing a pergola for the first time to provide a focal point or perhaps you already have one and are looking to redesign it to ensure an external homely hub.

What are Pergolas?

As you might already know, a pergola is an outdoor structure commonly situated within gardens that are framed with corner posts and beams to create a shaded and sheltered area. Pergolas normally tower over patios or decks, or are attached to the side of homes to provide an outdoor living space that extends the home. A focal point to any garden space, pergolas are both functional and trendy. Not only this but pergolas can increase the value of your home and provide a cheaper alternative to home conservatories . In fact, they pretty much provide an outdoor living room.

Customise your Pergola

With a bit of imagination and DIY, your garden pergola can be transformed and customised to meet your ideal design and needs. You may wish to add retractable curtains, a hanging chair, charming lights or walls for increased privacy and shelter. Theres an abundance of ideas to help you get started that suit all different budgets. And so we thought we'd help you out and produce 10 ideas to help style your pergola so you'll be spending all your hours outside this Spring and Summer.

 Slatted Sided Pergola

Wooden Pergola with Slatted Side Panels

Adding slatted privacy walls to your pergola will ensure increased seclusion whilst ensuring an attractive and current design. The careful placement of your privacy walls can ensure a greater level of comfort as it provides well needed shelter from the sun, and avert rain and wind. You'll be able to make the most of your pergola all year round from this added protection!

Enjoy your Garden Spa Undercover

Wooden Pyramid shaped Pergola covering a Hot Tub

Perhaps you're lucky enough to have a hot tub within your garden but looking for increased privacy and protection whilst your in there. Place your pergola over the hot tub for a weatherproof spa setup that protects from the elements. Another note to add is whilst a pergola protects from the harsh weathers, air flow is not compromised. If you're fortunate enough to have a considerable budget, a retractable roof on your pergola can ensure that you're able to look up and explore the night sky whenever you fancy.

Paint your Pergola a Pleasing Colour 

Garden Pergola being painted a dark green tone

Give your pergola a lick of paint. A simple and quick way to make a big impact and increase the aesthetic appeal of your wooden pergola. Its a must just before spring if your wanting to make your pergola work into your garden scheme or you've noticed some worn and fading areas. If your garden is quite small in size, try to avoid using dark paints to decorate your pergola as this can over crowd the area. Instead, follow the garden designers by using soft greys and light pastel colours which will create a light and airy atmosphere.

Create a Natural Roof 

Roof beams of a pergola surrounded in plant vines

To create a wholesome and honest roof, place your climbing plants on the edges of your pergola. Training them to grow up and over the pergola frame will provide  a natural ceiling that offers protection from the rain and the sun. To begin with, you may need to use string support to get them growing in the right direction but sooner rather than later, they'll follow the structure. If your planning to use this approach, we would recommend placing your plants only on one or two sides of the pergola. This will avoid making the space feel confined whilst still ensuring thorough protection above.

Go Above and Beyond with an Extra-Large Pergola

Large Metal Pergola covering a decking space with outdoor dining

Have a large patio or decking area and love to host family and friend gatherings? If this is the case, opt for an immense pergola that is large in size. This will ensure that the whole space is available for use whenever you wish. As the pergola will cover such a large area, it's a good idea to section the space up. For example, you might have a fun space with small outdoor games and activities, a section for the dads to get serious and test out their culinary skills on the BBQ, and then a lounging section for chilling and relaxing.

Extend your Home with a Pergola

Moodern White Home being extended with a metal pergola with wooden beams

Extending your home can be cheaper than you first thought. Pergolas can be joined to the side of your home and almost provide another room and extension to enjoy. This is particularly useful if you have a patio or decking area that is in need of a focal point or some shade. A useful tip would be to integrate the structure of the pergola with your homes exterior by using similar colours and materials which will ensure greater coherence between the pergola and the homes exterior. Ultimately, they are a great way to enhance the overall space of a home, especially in the warmer spring and summer months.

Make a Pergola Private

Small Private Pergola with White Privacy Side Walls and Clear Roof

Many traditional pergolas stick to the open space of little side cover and beams stretching across the ceiling of the frame. However, you might want to design yours so that the space provides a hideaway to relax and unwind on your own or as a family. Like this particular pergola above, adding walls and a square roof practically creates a cosy room outdoors that ensures privacy and peace. Some extra touches that you may wish to think about are hanging curtains up on each of the corners that can be pulled closed for extra cosiness or add some lighting for a warm ambience.

Frame Your DIY Day Bed

Wooden Day Bed hanging from timber pergola frame

Get your DIY head on and create a statement piece with a unique and quirky pergola option. Specifically this floating day bed will ensure your catching those Zzzzzzs and soaking up the sun. Installing a clear roof will ensure that you're kept dry on those warm but drizzly evenings whilst still able to look up at the stars - the perfect english date! So bring your home comforts outside by grabbing the cushions and blankets and get comfy under the stars .

Go Alfresco with an Outdoor Dining Table

Contemporary Modern Pergola covering decking area with outdoor dining table

Add a dining table under your pergola and go all out on alfresco dining. As we've already said, a garden pergola is a great focal point but adding a dining table will ensure that it's the perfect place for outdoor socialising. For those later nights, lighting is crucial for creating that cosy and warm feeling. From string up warm lighting to decking/ patio lights and several lanterns dotted around, a combination of slightly different lights will for sure provide an inviting and warm pergola alfresco space.

House an Outdoor Kitchen

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen unit under a large pergola with brick wall

A new craze and trend for gardens is to have yourself an outdoor kitchen to enjoy. Whilst many get outdoors during the warmer months to use the BBQ, juggling their kitchen utensils outside and prepping on a garden table, its becoming increasingly popular to install an outdoor kitchen that ensures practicality and space. Not only this but recent studies have reported that an outdoor kitchen provides between 100-200% return on investment through the valuation of your home. Now how does this link to ideas for a garden pergola? Well, placing a pergola over your outdoor kitchen will provide protection from the elements and ensure an amazing social space to enjoy. Whilst it may not provide full coverage, an open roofed structure is important to ensure ventilation when cooking.

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