Christmas lit mantle scene with a festive garland hanging down

Festive Ideas to decorate your wooden Mantels this Christmas

As we all know, the fireplace is where Santa makes his grand entrance to deliver your gifts on the night of Christmas Eve. The fireplace is where you huddle round to enjoy the warmth of the fire whilst the chilly Christmas weather storms on outside. The fireplace is where you roast your Christmas day chestnuts before scorching your fingertips trying to take them away. In fact, the fireplace resembles a lot about what Christmas is for many and why the fireplace is so festively decorated.

With the Holiday season firmly upon us, let Ruby provide you with some festive inspiration as we highlight 10 different approaches to decorating your Fire Mantelpiece. Or if you've stumbled across this blog and wanting to install a wooden mantel for your fire place, check out our range here and read our installation blog on how to do this properly.

1. Cozy with Christmas candles 

Christmas candles on top of mantel with lightly decorated Christmas tree off centred

A really simple but effective way of creating a sophisticated festive feel is by dressing your mantel in candles. Arrange your candles on the mantel in height order with the tallest in the middle to create ambient centre piece. Lay coloured ribbon around the base of the candles and add small bits of healthy green foliage to complete the candle theme.

2. DIY advent calendar 

Christmas homemade advent calendar on top of mantel piece

A really fantastic way of adding personal touches to your Christmas decorations is by making your own. Specifically, homemade advent calendars can be propped up onto the mantelpiece and the countdown to Christmas begins. Fill your mantels up with each of your family members calendars and make sure they are all completely different for a wonderful festive variety. Dot jars of lights around the calendars to ensure they are lit up when dark.

3. Festive Buntings

Christmas ornaments spread over top of mantel with Christmas bunting hanging down

One festive decoration that is almost impossible to miss as a festive bunting that hangs from one side of the mantel to the other. Perhaps your bunting is in the shape of snowflakes, or reindeers or maybe reads 'Merry Christmas'. Whichever design you've gone for, just ensure the colour feeds in to your overall design.

4. Vintage Christmas Mantel  

Traditional festive scene with christmas tree decorated in large baubles

Rest a large Christmas garland across your mantel and scatter small baubles across the design. To add to the flow and cohesion of your Christmas design, use the same baubles as the ones on your tree. Dangle some stockings down from the mantel and finish with some mini winter trees in the corner and a stunning Christmas Wreath hanging from the ceiling.

5. Christmas Village scenes 

Small boutique Christmas village scene on top of mantel

Arrange a wonderful Christmas village on top of your mantel. If ever you've been obsessed with those Christmas village scenes, create your own on your mantel. You might decide to buy a pre-built Christmas lit village that you can arrange or alternatively, you may wish to make your own Christmas Village. This can be done by using paper chipboard and drawing the outlines of windows, doors and roofing tiles on the templates. Finish the village off with surrounding LED lights, dotted pine cones and hanging wreath.

6. Cozy Cabin decor 

Large lit Christmas tree centred in a log cabin

Sometimes a super simple Christmas mantel can be most effective. Take some inspiration from Scandinavian lodges and adopt simplicity by adding ornaments around the house into your design. Wooden candlestick holders, natural green sprigs and white small figured Christmas tree are great starting points that can be arranged on a mantel to accomplish a Scandi- Christmas feel.

7.  Dressed up in lights

Fire Piece scene with Christmas lit garland and Wreath on top of mantel

Whilst garlands and wreaths make for beautifully festive displays, adding white LED lights underneath can just take it to the next level. A dreamy, festive glow that seeps through the garland to ensure a warm but classical arrangement.

8. Match your Mantel and Tree

Decorated mantel matching tree decorations

To ensure that your Christmas decorations are coordinated throughout your home, its a great idea to incorporate the same decorations used for your tree on your mantel. Even if you don't have any of the same decorations to use because you love a super busy tree, then use the same colours and styles of decorations to match.

9. Ornament overload

Several festive shaped ornaments scattered over mantel with small Christmas trees either side

Theres no such thing as Christmas without ornaments. Fill up bowls of ornaments and place them across the mantel. Then thread several ornaments through some red or golden ribbon and hang from one end of the mantel to another to create a unique garland design.

10. Presents Galore!

Pile of stacked presents on top of the mantel piece with red stockings hanging down

You don't have to just put your Christmas presents under the tree (or hide them in your wardrobe to stop the peepers). Cover your mantel with gifts, starting with the bigger ones at the bottom and stacking slightly smaller ones on top.

So theres 10 festive ways to decorate your mantels for this Christmas. Just remember though, the most important thing is to make it personal to you. You might want to mix and match some of the ideas above or perhaps you wish to have something really simple. Whatever you decide, from all at Ruby, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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