How To Stop Cats Scratching Furniture?

If your cat has already started to scratch your furniture and you are worried about that how to stop your cat from doing this, so don’t need to worry. We have found ways to keep cats from destroying your furniture and how to modify their behaviours healthily.

Correspondingly, you will get to know what products you can utilise to protect your furniture from significant destruction. Cats commonly have an adaptive behaviour of scratching somehow, which can also be controlled.

The following article offers a brief guideline to get all the relevant information. Keep reading!

What are Some Guidelines to Keep Cats from Destroying Your Furniture?

Following are some guidelines that would be helpful for you to keep cats from scratching furniture:

Conduct Training Sessions:

First, you must train your cats to stop them from scratching furniture. Try to understand their behaviours and needs, and similarly try to modify their learning behaviours positively. However, you need to put some effort into training them, and correspondingly you will hopefully get positive results and significant changes in your cat’s behaviour. If you continue your training session in the same way for some time, your cat will soon be able to adapt to those significant behavioural changes.

Direct Your Cat Towards The Scratching Post:

Another way to stop cats from scratching furniture is to buy some scratching posts and toys as an alternative source. Lead them toward a scratching post to expel their energy. Notice when your cat is leading towards an item of furniture for scratching, here you need to train them. For instance, you can stop them from doing this by making a sound clap and leading them towards a scratching post. Gradually, your cat will be able to adapt to these behavioural changes.

Place Your Scratching Post In The Proper Position:

On the other hand, the place where you put these scratching posts matters. For this purpose, you need to figure out where your cat is more likely to play and have fun, as scratching is their natural habit of doing just after having some physical activity. Correspondingly, cats are more likely to do scratching in the morning just after waking up. So, place these scratching posts where your cat loves to play, sleep, or rest near their usual scratching furniture spots.

Manage Cat’s Adaptive Behaviour:

To keep cats from scratching or destroying your furniture, you must understand, manage, and modify their behaviours. Usually, cats are very picky and can learn and adapt to significant changes over a short period.


Cats are cute pets, but when it comes to your furniture, they can be disastrous. No one likes their new furniture worn and torn by cats.

Now that you have read the concise guide, you can gradually stop cats from scratching your favourite furniture.

In a nutshell, you must train your cat the same way over time, direct them towards scratching posts, place them in the proper position, and manage their adaptive behaviours.

Correspondingly, you will notice the difference.

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