Where to locate shelves around your home

The reality is we are always looking for extra storage spaces around our homes. Here, shelves play an essential role to place items in an organised form. In order to determine suitable places to locate shelves around your home, you need to consider your personal preferences, needs, and home’s layout as well. So, where is the best place to locate shelves around your home? And what are the strategies to use storage spaces around your home? Here we will give you a comprehensive guide regarding this. Keep reading this article to get all the relevant information. Let’s just start it!

Best places to locate shelves around your home:

There are many great spaces to locate shelves around your home. Let’s discover those places so that you can use them and explore more creative ideas.

1. Utilise the Space Under the Stairs:

If you have stairs in your home, what would be the best place to locate shelves? You can utilise this empty space and place office documents in an organised form. Correspondingly, it will be easier for you to pick up the desired document without creating any hassle. Whereas, if you want to keep your documents safe and sound, however, you can use closet doors to cover up the place.

2. Utilise the Empty Space in the Kitchen:

The empty space near the ceiling in the kitchen is a suitable place to locate shelves. You can utilise these shelves to put those items that are of less use and you don’t need oftentimes. However, it is a great storage space and enables you to locate more shelves around the wall. However, place a step chair nearby to approach those items.

3. Utilise the Space Behind the Door:

The back of the closet doors and bedroom doors are the best storage spaces to put essential items. For instance, you can place gift-wrapping accessories so that you can access them easily. Place these items in an organised form such as by considering their sizes. However, you just need to put some effort to transform these empty places into functional places.

4. Utilise the Empty Bathroom Walls:

However, you can use empty walls in the bathroom to locate shelves. Here you can put bathroom accessories in an organised form. Use the great space underneath the sink to place hair care products and equipment. Furthermore, you can utilise these shelves to place a little bundle of bath towels.

5. Utilise the Doorway Spaces:

Utilise the pass-through spaces in your home to locate shelves. You can use these shelves to place books or novels in an organised form. Moreover, you can use this storage space to create a library. Furthermore, pick those shelves that meet the needs of your home and can fit into a desirable place.


However, you can utilise all the mentioned empty spaces to locate shelves around your home. These storage spaces may include empty space under the stairs, in the kitchen, behind the door, in the bathroom, and in the doorway spaces. Hope so this article would be helpful for you!

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